Monday, July 22, 2024

There are various sports amenities that provide athletes with the opportunity to play tennis in either outdoor or indoor environments. Tennis bubbles and domes are facilities that provide an enclosed environment for tennis courts, which makes them eligible for receive EPAct deductions. Indoor tennis courts provide an alternative environment for athletes to play tennis when it rains or when the weather is extremely hot or cold. Consequently, playing tennis indoors is a viable alternative. When designing a field indoors, there are significant characteristics of the building that must be considered. For instance, the proper amount of lighting is needed for players.

Lighting cannot be too dim or too bright because then players might not be capable to play as well during matches. In addition, efficient Heating and air conditioning systems to be installed to provide athletes with a comfortable indoor temperature. Tennis bubbles and domes became increasingly popular as indoor sporting facilities. In addition, they offer many benefits for building owners as well as athletes. Some advantages consist of cost savings and the option of having seasonal enclosures. These structures are specifically beneficial for locations where the weather is continuously changing since the bubble can be taken down during warmer months and put up during cold weather.

Tennis domes are usually a white or translucent colour, which allows the maximum amount of lighting in throughout the day. Exactly like regular indoor tennis courts, efficient lighting and Heating and air conditioning systems have to be installed to provide players with a suitable environment. The EPAct Tax Opportunities – Pursuant to Energy Policy Act Section 179D, property owners making qualifying energy reducing investments in their new or existing locations can obtain immediate tax reductions of up to $1.80 per sq foot. In case the building project doesn’t qualify for the maximum EPAct $1.80 per sq foot immediate tax deduction, there are tax deductions of up to $0.60 per sq foot for each one of the 3 major building subsystems: lighting, HVAC, and the building envelope.

The building envelope is every item on the buildings – external perimeter that touches the outside world including roof, walls, insulation, doors, windows and foundation. It’s essential that both the correct amount and type of lighting are installed in sports amenities. These particular types of buildings should aim to implement energy efficient lighting, like LEDs. Certain aspects of lighting are needed to create the most optimal environment for tennis matches. Lights should be uniform to ensure that every aspect of the court has the right amount of lighting. Lighting systems might differ depending upon the intended level of playing. For professional tennis matches, a greater level of lighting is required compared to tennis clubs and recreational areas. Indoor tennis facilities usually choose to install indirect lighting, which is when fixtures are positioned towards a reflective ceiling.