Monday, July 22, 2024

This Saturday, Ogitchidaa Fight Twist presents of the amateur mixed martial arts Birth of the Ogitchidaa Championship in the Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland. Mixed martial arts battles are very distinctive, they’re one of a sort, said Ogitchidaa Fight Twist owner Chris Hicks, noting that whenever you look at Mixed martial arts, theres titles such as of the Ultimate Fighting Championships and of the Bellator Fighting Championships. In Latin, means warrior,” he said describing that Ogitchidaa is Ojibwe for warrior. So Ogitchidaa Fight Twist means Warrior Fight Twist in Ojibwe, reported Hicks adding that its a motion for cultural revitalization as he’s from Red Cliff.

Were running a pure championship based Mixed martial arts series, so its not like every matchup, he said. Hicks said that they’ve selected amateur fighters from throughout the nation. Weve got a man, Tedrick Macklin, hes in second in of the state of Texas and hes rated 3rd in the entire south west right now he is competing all of the way from Texas to compete in of the 155lb championship, said Hicks pointing out every bracket is included like that. They’re eight man brackets and its one elimination series, he said. Hicks said that Saturdays struggle is your first of 3 schedule events.

The 2nd event could be in of the Ashland Bay Area Civic Center on June 30 and after the 3rd event could be Sept.29 in a to-be decided location, and which would be the title fights, said Hicks. Each round there’ll be less people, but then every round brings good in new weight classes. This first tournament may have of the 135 pound or of the bantamweight weight class, of the 155 pound or light-weight class, of the 170 pound or welterweight weight class, and of the 265 pound or heavyweight weight class. Again, all the brackets are chosen nationally, so of the best amateurs from all over of the place are going to come and put a show on here, Hicks reported.

He also said that there’ll also be some local talent Such as Hudson Ramirez, Devon Dimich, Damon Defoe and also Will Ashmun for instance. Were an up and also coming promotion and also were really attempting to boost the economics in this area, he said. People need something to do. In addition, Hicks said the June tournament will be a two day event in of the Bay Area Civic Center with an all female show scheduled for June 29. There’ll be 24 female fights,. He said, adding that it’d be followed on June 30 with of the second round of the championship series.

This Saturday’s fight will feature a special guest, Ultimate fighting championship Superstar Eddie Truck Gordon, who’d be present to support the fights and greeting fans, along with a bonus hip hop concert after the fights. Thats the cool little icing on top, said Hicks confirming that they’ve booked two local artists Trent Truchon and also Mitchell LaFernier, both from Red Cliff and also Walt Trab, who’s coming up from Minneapolis to perform. These men are really good hip hop musicians,. He reported mentioning that they would like to provide an opportunity for fighters and also fans to interact and also connect. The highlight of the struggle is that every struggle is a main event struggle, being that its a championship series, said Hicks.