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Remarks – The images for National Football League helmets that are historic exemplified on the pages for each division are based on information derived from one site, the National Football League Helmet page of Mike Stanhope and were done in the period 1999- 2000. The dates of usage for every helmet and the corresponding remarks will also be derived largely from this source, which seems to have been quite carefully researched and that I believe to be very accurate, though I’ve made a number of improvements during the years and have found a few errors that are apparent. Much like the colleges, I’m just going back to 1960 for the time, due largely from the 50s and earlier, and on account of the lack of color photos that are good before then.

Helmets are placed with the exclusion of the Cleveland Browns, in the section for the current name of the franchise. In 1994, for a few games uniforms and helmets developed to resemble people from a year in the history of the team, most teams wore within the NFL’s celebration of its 75th anniversary. Others used them for bulk of the season while some groups wore the throwback uniforms for just a few games, but I do not have details about for which games the helmets were utilized. The helmet examples for these 1994 helmets are labeled as 1994 distinctive on the various pages.

Please click the links below to find the page for each National Football League division. National Football League History – The links below will open new browser windows presenting lists of National Football League Super Bowl, Conference, along with Divisional champions in Helmet Project format. The Super Bowl along with Conference champions are listed since this first Super Bowl game, this Divisional champions are listed back to 1970, this 1st year of the NFL’s six branch format and of the AFL National Football League merger. The years listed refer to this football time in question, as opposed to this dates when this championship game was played, which occurred towards this end of this 2017 football season). After cautious consideration, I chose to display the latest helmet for every team on these pages, as opposed to the one utilized by the team throughout this year listed, to more clearly illustrate this ebb and flow of power among this groups throughout the years. The use of more helmets for every team at such a display would interfere with this eye’s capability to grasp the underlying routines, like the extended domain of a small variety of teams in the 70s, and the development of great parity since about 1990.