Thursday, May 23, 2024

Part of the 110 million pledge for infrastructure enhancements across the country, this project, provides a top race track for Queenslands racing place that was foremost, Mr Dickson said. For many years, Eagle Farm Racecourse has been allowed to poorly and wither deteriorate for the Queensland racing business as a whole under the Labor Governments lack of vision and support. The last time was in 1972, although racing was conducted in Eagle Farm for 149 years, Mr Nicholls said. Wagering growth will be stimulated by this refurbishment of the Eagle Farm track on the place, which will get more patrons, and provides funding for the business as a whole.

In 2013 the Brisbane Racing Carnival donated over six million bucks into the Queensland economics, and with the update due to be published next year, before the Carnival were anticipating seeing that participation grow. The track update will include reconstruction of the turf surface including irrigation, irrigation, fencing rails, timing equipment and medium that is growing. The project also opens the region in the track for inner and stabling training track facilities. Racing Queensland will tackle car and tunnel park works in combination. Racing Queensland Chairman Kevin Dixon said this update of the Eagle Farm class appropriate would provide long lasting benefits to the countries racing industry and be an integral element of Racing Queenslands vision for the future. Eagle Farm is the most crucial asset in racing and this project certainly will give the business confidence which our flagship racecourse has this best racing surface in Queensland, Mr Dixon said. Racing Queensland appreciates this continued support of this Queensland Government in providing another project in the sector’s infrastructure strategy.