Monday, April 15, 2024

The game is played with two teams, each consisting of fifteen players. Each team may take, kick or pass the ball. The group scoring the greater number of factors is the winner of the match. Both teams vie for two forty minute halves with that a five minute halftime. One referee controls the match with two touch judges aid. There are no time in any way outs, except in the referee’s discretion. Each team is allowed seven replacements per game. Six of the replacements are in a 7th for harm and the teams discretion. Once a player is substituted, he cannot rejoin the game.

The only time a player can rejoin the game is if he was temporarily replaced by a blood injury, but he has to return within ten minutes of their substitution or be permanently substituted. The game begins with a kick-off that is taken from the middle of the field. The group with the ball makes every attempt when the ball is in play, to score a try. A try is scored when the ball touches in the opponent’s in goal into the ground. The team is awarded five points. Following a try is scored, the group is given the chance to score an aim by kicking their ball over their opponents cross bar and in between their aim posts, scoring an additional two factors, also known as conversion factors.

The ball has to be kicked out of a line perpendicular to at which the ball was touched down. The participant must pass the ball back to his teammates while moving forward. Forward progress of the participant carrying the ball can be impeded by tacking that player. Once a participant is tackled, he must instantly pass or released their ball and move away out of it. Rugby Vocabulary: Blindside – from a set piece, this is the short side of the field – Cap – anytime a player plays in a match he\/she is technically awarded a cap – Drop Goal – a kick at the posts taken at anytime a side is close to their own try line- if successful it scores three points, But the ball has to hit their ground before being kicked – Garryowen – a kick which is high at their air – Grubber – that a kick of their ball that cause their ball to bounce and roll along their ground – Knock On – losing, dropping, or knocking their ball forward out of a player’s hand leading to the ball being awarded to another .