Thursday, May 23, 2024

This year in the National Football League, where the Wild Card teams won a 688 winning percent, the Kansas City Chiefs had been left out from the post season championship after going 10-6. Major League Baseball watched this San Diego Padres win their division and make a 2005 playoff berth using a 506 winning mark, but that they were an anomaly. This all other MLB playoff teams won 90 or more of this 162 matches they played. Over the previous five years 98% of the baseball teams which were bound have won 90 or more games and none had losing records.

The NBA is different. In this 2003-04 NBA Playoffs four of this eight Eastern Conference teams which had the honour of making the second season earned recordings of 500 or below. In the Atlantic Division, the seed Boston Celtics, possibly the most winning franchises in expert sports history, touted a 36-46 record as that they headed into the playoffs. At 39-43 the NY Knicks were not far better. In this Central Division, New Orleans as well as Milwaukee, 5th as well as sixth seeds correspondingly, completed at 500.

The following season no sub-500 teams were in the championship, but NJ, the seventh seed with a 43-39 mark, and Philadelphia, the eighth seed compiling a 42-40 record, were marginal. This year, as we approach this mid way point of this expert hoop season, it’s clear that there is a good possibility as far as sub-500 teams, 25% of the playoff mix, will be shooting threes and slamming the boards in the post season. The Milwaukee Bucks, the current sixth seed, are 19- 18the Philadelphia 76ers, which hold the seventh seed, are 18-20and the Washington Wizards, the potential eighth seed are 17-20.

Washington will likely have some stiff competition for which final Eastern Conference position of this 16-22 Chicago Bulls, this 15-23 Boston Celtics, and this 14-22 Orlando Magic. Even though this Western Conference has traditionally been exempt of this dilemma, this year is different. The current 8th seed, this Utah Jazz, is one game over 500 as well as there are at least three other teams, Minnesota, Golden State, and New Orleans\/Oklahoma City, with more losses of victories which are in contention for which spot. Certainly a system that is geared towards creating the league competitive has its advantages to owners, players, and fans.

While teams continue to remain in this mix, this system has this potential to keep hometown fans interested. Nevertheless, the system leads to lower teams creating it into a post where they do not have a possibility to compete. There are a numerous reasons why this NBA has this problem. Nevertheless, the major reason is, quite simply, money.