Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The guy behind the curtain in this case represents all people that support the belief that MMA’s fighting poses among the biggest threats to the safety in law enforcement. As the person behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz was a normal man who made the illusion of being a fantastic and strong magician, so, also, has the mixed martial arts been raised to the same all strong status. Over the last decade, these mighty Mixed martial arts wizards have encouraged the belief that each battle ends up on the floor so you might as well just throw yourself on your own back at the beginning of your change and get it over with.

But as the great magician’s power was finally put in viewpoint, I am hoping to do the same by introducing a more balanced perspective of MMA. Let’s be clear, I’ve nothing, but respect for anyone who devotes time and energy. It is our failure to train that gets us. The danger we face in law enforcement now is not from Mixed martial arts or anything similar to it. Is ourselves. A Reality Check – Men like me recall the rise in U.S. Martial arts popularity. Though its schools began appearing in the 50s, martial arts did not take hold till the mid-1960 s.

While karate tournament legends such as Chuck Norris, Lewis Mullins, Victor Moore, and Joe Lewis helped foster admiration for martial arts, its role in the entertainment industry was what drove things into high gear. With Bruce Lee leading the way, along with other cultural icon like David Carridine’s Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu and Tom Laughlin’s eponymous Billy Jack supporting the cause, it wasn’t long before chains of martial arts schools punctuated the international landscape. Fast forward to today. Evident interest in the martial arts has not waned, but intensified. Newer arts could be the current flavour of the month, but older, more traditional styles are still going powerful.

In fact, media sources have estimated between 12 and 20 million men and women practice some type of combat art in this country. With numbers such as that, coupled with the diversity of fighting arts accessible, we shouldn’t be concerned about any one single fighting style let alone one facet of it. What Mixed martial arts is and is Not – Martial sport isn’t Martial art. Martial sport has rules for participants. Martial art, which suggests military art, was born from battlefield combat. We’ve rules and the criminals don’t. Like warriors of old, we’ve the potential to battle in life and death combat. Bottom line, there’s no sport in what we do.

Would I such as to get punched by a Mixed martial arts fighter? No, but then again I would not want to be punched by anyone and that is my point. We’ve focused on the recognition of Mixed martial arts so much that we may no longer see the forest for the trees.