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How to Learn Wrestling

We all know as to how popular this game of wrestling is! And the fact is that it has been into existence since so many years. Frescoes, statuary and other works of antiquity from places like Greek, Babylon, Egypt, Sumaria, and India state that these places are geared up with plenty of wrestling holds, stances and manoeuvres.

The Wrestler's Diet

It is not at all wise to completely cut down on weight if you are a wrestler or are associated with any kind of sport. Because by doing so you are denying yourself the very nutrients they need to perform well. The fact is that a majority of wrestlers either don't care about proper nutrition or they simply don't have any kind of idea as to what they have to in order to take ample care of their health!

Development in Wrestling Singlet

With the advancement in all the fields, even wrestling has seen a lot of development in terms of the singlets that are used in the sport. A lot of manufacturers are trying their hands at different out of the box singlets for the wrestling sport.

WWE History

I really love WWE a lot! It gives me immense amount of pleasure when I watch it with my family and friends. Do you also love WWE in the same way as I do? But are you guys aware of the fact as to when did it all began? Well let me tell you that it all started way back in the year 1925!

Many of us got hooked to professional wrestling, when we were kids. The 90s wrestlers captivated our imagination with their jaw-dropping moves, matchless style and unique personas, necessitating the warning-”Please do not try this at home”.We were floored by their brashness, their arrogance, and all the drama they create. Our love for these larger-than-life figures and their dollops of attitude even saw us through the painful discovery that wrestling is fake.

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