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Second Hand Kayak - A Buyers Guide

Snorkelling - Scuba Without the Fuss

Snorkelling - Scuba Without the Fuss

First Time on a Sailboat

First Time on a Sailboat

The Bliss of Sailing

The Bliss of Sailing

In the wake of Michael Phelps' success at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the ever-popular relaxation activity has turned into a passion for many. If you want to become a champion swimmer, a lot of hard work, perseverance and determination is required.

Safety in Swimming Pool

While, swimming pools offer an excellent way to have fun and relax, one needs to adhere to certain safety guidelines to avoid accidents and prevent any drowning incident. Here are a few swimming guidelines you should always keep in mind, particularly if you are a parent.

The Joys of Freediving

Freediving has become quite popular in the past few years. It has become an extreme sport where competitors attempt to attain great depths on a single breath - without the assistance of underwater breathing apparatus. The best part about this sport is that you needn't be an athlete to enjoy freediving because it is more about mindset, technique and correct weighting than strength.

Shark Diving For Adventure Seekers

Are you an Adventurous person? Then, you will simply love shark diving. Since 1990, the popularity of shark divining has increased tremendously. Remember shark diving is not an activity for weak hearted but for those who live their life on the edge.

Snorkeling – Closer Look At the Aquatic Life

Have you ever visited Malaysia? Then you would have definitely noticed the beautiful and serene waters filled with various kinds of colorful fishes that surround the region. The best way to experience the aquatic habitat in these waters is to go snorkeling. So, if you want to scuba dive without any fuss or difficulty then snorkeling is most definitely the best option to choose. Following are some of the favorite snorkeling spots.

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