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    The Barcelona Football Stadium

    The Barcelona football stadium is the 3rd largest football stadium if we look at the list of largest stadiums all over the world! The other two largest stadiums are the ones that are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City. Barcelona camp nou is geared up with a capacity for110,000 soccer fanatics. Isn't it amazing?

    Club America Soccer Stadiums

    Club America Soccer stadium that is called as Azteca in general terms is considered by Club America, as their own home ground because this is the same place where they play all their home games.
    As far as the history of Mexico is concerned, the fact is that Club America is one of the legendary teams and every soccer team has their own favorite playing field which they prefer calling it as their called home ground.

    Football - The Best NFL Stadiums

    Hey I love football a lot. And especially if it is a live experience of watching football, then I just go mad! Out of the 31 NFL football stadiums, I would like to tell you my favorite 5 stadiums.

    The Four Biggest Soccer Stadiums

    Have you ever seen a match live in stadiums? Yes! Then you must be aware of the amazing experience that one gets after watching a live match, his favorite players and the electrifying ambiance! The fact is that watching a live game in soccer stadiums is really a different feeling than watching it on any other source!

    Interesting Things About Soccer Fields

    As soccer is one of the most popular team ball game, one might think that all the rules of the game would have been devised from the beginning or some of the rules would have been universally accepted since start. However, the statement is partially true when we talk about terms like foul, goal kick etc, as these terms means same everywhere. But when we talk about length and size of soccer field, some interesting details are worth mentioning.

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