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    Interesting Skydiving Facts

    It is believed that the activity of skydiving was created out of a necessity. This transition was basically due to the fact that both skydiving and parachuting was considered as a tactical move by many countries during World War I. The main role of parachute was, and still is, to save the lives of passengers in case of a plane crash. In 1797, the first recorded instance of the successful parachute landing was made by Andre Jacques Farnerin, who courageously jumped out of a hot-air balloon and landed safely.

    Skydiving Tips For Beginners

    Are you about to try skydiving for the very first time? Then, I'm sure you must be really nervous about it. Since, anything that involve risk towards life make most people nervous about it. Therefore, most beginners will freak out when doing skydiving for the first time, it's understandable.

    Less-Known Skydiving Types

    For adventure seekers, skydiving is one of the most loved sports. Freestyle, formation and freeflying are some of its commonly known types. Although, you'll find many skydivers performing these styles on television or in media but, there are still some of the less popular types of skydiving that are not known to many.

    A Brief History on Skydiving

    For adventurous people, skydiving is one of the well loved sports. Although, you may think it to be a new sport, but in reality, it has a very rich and colorful history. So, whether you are a skydiving fan or simply curious about it. Just continue reading this article.

    Skydiving: The Truth About Parachutes

    Skydiving: The Truth About Parachutes

    Skydiving: The Skydiving History

    Skydiving: The Skydiving History

    Common Skydiving Myths

    People are afraid of skydiving mainly because there are a lot of myths surrounding it. These inaccurate 'facts' present a distorted picture of skydiving, keeping a lot of people way from the adventure sport. Here are four of these myths along with the real explanation.

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