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    Paddle ball

    Paddle ball is a very interesting game that is a one-person toy played with an attached ball and paddle. It is that simple as it sounds. Th players who are playing this game don't require much equipments to play this game! Using a flat paddle with a small rubber ball attached at the center via an elastic string, the player tries to hit the ball with the paddle but he has to make sure that he does so in succession and that too as many times as possible.

    Wall Paddleball Rules

    Wall paddleball is a game that is played between two teams. Now you will ask as to how this game is actually played. In this game, a ball is hit by a paddle against a wall and it is hit in such a way that it creates an exchange or volley between the teams that are plating the game.

    Five Exercises You Might Like To Do!

    The fact is that in this hectic as well as tedious world, where our life is filled with all kinds of hustle and bustle, a person may find it irritating to take time for exercise! And above all, a lot of people just simply hate this word called “exercise.”

    A Little about the History of Paintball

    The first actual game of paint-ball took place in 1981, between 12 players using the Nelspot 007. The first game was a capture the flag scenario game. The sport of paint-ball really spread in the 80s . It reached the shores of England from where is was taken to Australia and South Africa. Some years later it reached the European continent.

    Youth Soccer Drills and Kikball

    Family fitness activities have emerged as a great way to remain healthy together. Playing as a family not only allows you to connect and spend time together after a hectic schedule, but it also prevent obesity, improve the health of your heart and put many good habits in place for your lifetime.

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