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    The Making of FIFA Cup

    It does not matter if people call if soccer or football, everybody knowns what the FIFA World Cup is all about. The history of FIFA cup is traced back to 1904 in Paris, where the Federation Internationale de Football Association was founded on May 21.

    What is International Cricket Council (ICC)?

    International Cricket Council, ICC is an international governing body made for cricket. Founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by Australian, South African and England representatives, the organization was renamed in 1965 as International Cricket conference and was again given the name of ICC in 1989.

    Sports and Youth Leadership

    Leadership is defined as a process of providing direction, energizing others and getting their voluntary commitment towards the vision of the leader. Goals and visions are set by a leader, who influences others for sharing that vision and working together to achieve the goal.

    Finding a Dream Job in Sports Industry

    Sports is a competitive field, where you might see a plentiful of jobs. The industry is divided into ten sections, and has thousands of jobs in trade shows, meetings, sporting events, sport sponsors, sport retailers, manufacturers, professional sport services, sport related media and more.

    Popular Forms Of Motors Rallies

    Motor rallies is one of the integral part of any motor sports. These rallies are visited by million of fans through the world. Private or individual clubs who organizes any motor rallies will place their emphasis on working as a team and on navigation. These clubs would also be held responsible even on public roads.

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