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    Basketball Game Basics

    To learn any sport, you need to spend some time and plenty of practice. However, one of the best ways to learn a sport is by understanding the basics of the sport, first. Basketball is considered to be a difficult game, which involve too many difficult things to remember.

    Netball- A Women's Sport

    One of the interesting sports derived from basketball is the Netball. The sport was first introduced in 1895, United States by Clara Gregory Baer, who gave the sport the reputation of being a women’s sport. Today, the sport is played all over the world particularly in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

    Bournemouth Festival

    It is important to understand that both the games are different from each other. While, rugby is popularly known for its adrenaline pumping, heart-stopping, knee scraping roughness and netball for jumping fun. The former is mainly a a domain of the males, while the later isn’t any less popular among girls.

    Origin of Netball

    Clara Gregory Baer of United States, is credited with the invention of Netball in 1895. The game is mainly a popular game amongst women. At present, the game is being played all over the world, particularly in UK, New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, and South Africa. Netball is also rapidly growing in popularity with men.

    Volleyball - Ways To Be Mentally Stronger

    Following are some of the simple ways to be more mentally tougher than your competition in the game of volleyball:

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