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    Soft Walls – Benefits

    During, the major auto racing events like NASCAR so much activities goes on, that many people tend to loose focus of the issues related to safety involved with auto racing. Though, there are 5 points attached with the auto racing cars and other heavy-duty safety belts included. But, still it seems that more safety measures needs to be added. The main reason behind is the fact that most racers can speed well over 200 miles per hour which makes them vulnerable to various health hazards. For instance, what would happen if a driver crashes into the wall of a NASCAR track? In situation like these, the use of Soft Walls becomes very important.

    Why Car Racing Is So Popular?

    Car racing has been a hot favorite among people since ages. People mostly consisting of men folk has been participating in various car races and other events which involves cars. Even before the introduction of mechanized motor vehicle there has been races organized. For instance, during the roman empire, chariot races were organized.

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