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    Basic Principles Of Kenpo

    Kenpo is a Japanese martial art form, but its origin is associated with China. It still has been influenced by Chinese martial art systems. Kenpo is also spelled as “kempo”, which has been derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chuan” and “fa”. It means “the method of the fist/hand”.

    Japanese Martial Art

    Japanese martial art is regarded as unique as Chinese martial art. The martial art heritage and tradition of Japan is very rich. When we go into the details of the history of martial arts, we can see that there are several forms of martial arts that come from Japan. In ancient Japan, the warriors of Japan, or the samurai, used martial arts very often. The evidences of these systems can be found in its history. , but were allowed to use weapons due to their status in society.

    Goju karate

    Goju ryu karate, the name seems quiet strange, but is a very effective style of Okinawan karate that provides a perfect merge of both hard and soft Chinese martial arts styles. Let me tell you how: for all those people who know a little Japanese language, they must know that in Japanese language "Go" means hard; "ju" means soft and if we will collaborate both the words together it literally means hard-soft karate.

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