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    Media Having a Crucial Role in Sports

    Sports is one of the most published and talked about issues in magazines, TV, newspapers and other forms of media. If you don't believe it, then check out the thousands of football news articles depicting the reaction of trainers in a particular event. Most of the TV channels have a separate issue for important soccer games.

    Advantages of Camp

    One of the main worries that most parents face during the sumer holidays is what to do with the kids? They get confuse as to whether to allow their kids hang out with their old friends or enroll them in a camp to make new friends. Summer camps are one of the most preferred options for many parents because they are known to build skills necessary to prepare for adulthood.

    What is a Burnout?

    One of the main treats that most young athletes face is burnout. With increasing competition, more young athletes are compelled to train extensively, which leads to physical and mental burnout become more imminent. Such situation gradually leads to long-term consequences among young athletes.

    Visualization Benefits For Professional Athletes

    You'll find many athletes who are ready to do just about anything to get an extra "edge" over the competition. Some of the common ways that athletes take up to prepare for competition are special diets, supplements, and physical conditioning, to name a few.

    Buzkashi Of Afganishtan

    The game of buzkashi is an ancient game of Afghanistan. The origin of this game dates back to the days of Ghengis Khan of Afganishtan. It is being said that the Mongols played the game on the steppe, who lived and died in the saddle. Now, it is mostly played in the north of Afghanistan, including provinces of Maimana, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Kataghan. As per its rule, women are not allowed to watch the game.

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