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    Kickball And Bunting

    The fact is that each and every damn gym class circa 5th grade must have played this game called kickball at some point or the other! And there is one more reality: There is no other kid in this gym class who have not refused to give the ball a real kick and instead half stepped up to the ball and bunted!

    National Kickball Association Rules

    Here are the official rules of National Kickball Association.

    Kickball And The Rules!

    Kickball is a playground game that also comes under the category of a competitive league game as well. It just like the game of baseball, invented in the United States circa 1942. According to American World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle, this game was played by U.S. soldiers when the Tunisia Campaign was going on during 1942.

    What is Underdog Kickball All About?

    Underdog kickball is a game that brings fresh new twist to the adult recreational sports. This is one game that closes the age and gender gap a little bit. The great playground pastime is now back for adults of 21 to older people of 61, who play in same division.

    How Important Diet of a Professional Football Player is?

    There was a time when all the professional footballers would not stick to a particular diet and eat or drink whatever they wanted. Some players preferred steak chips or an English breakfast as their pre-match meals and consumed high amount of alcohol in the evening.

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