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Canadian Hockey League Formations

Canadian Hockey League Formations

3 Most Important Abdominal Workout For Hockey Players

Hockey players with great core strength and core stability can only lead a team to victory. Without great players not only will you be able to perform well but also would be at a higher risk of injury. To maintain full body control over the field requires stable and strong body. Increasing core strength of hockey players will not only increase your movements but also deliver hit effectively. For improving core strength and stability training, you don't have to visit a swanky gym or use complicated equipments. Performing front plank and side plank abdominal exercises are sufficient to build core stability in players. For developing overall core strength, reverse crunch is one of the best exercises. Let us see, how you can perform these abdominal exercises in proper manner:

Playing Better One-on-One Defense

Here are some tips that will help you in playing one-on-one defense at a hockey match:

Getting in Shape For Ice-Hockey

While the ice-hockey season has almost arrived, players can still work on their "first line fitness" to ensure they perform according to their expectations.

Air Hockey Rules

With the popularity of air hockey increasing steadily , one needs to learn some of the facts about the game.

For example, did you know that once you score a goal, your opponent only has ten seconds to get the puck back into play? If he or she delays, then a foul is charged (unless a timeout has been called).

How To Defend in Ice-hockey

Have Courage

The key to blocking is to position your legs and body in line with the shot. The puck should hit your shin pads straight on. If you're afraid of getting hit by the puck and turn to the side, the puck might hit your ankle or the side of leg where you are much more vulnerable. Unless you are willing to face the shooter head on, you're better off getting out of the way altogether.

Increase Performance Hockey - With Recovery Drinks

If you are a hockey player and want to increase your recovery speed then start drinking any of the following drinks. Yes, you heard it right these drinks would not only help you feel best the next time you hit the ice but also speed up recovery.

Food For Thought - Hockey Game

If you have a big hockey game at 7 o'clock in the morning, and you haven't eaten anything yet. Then chances are that you would select any of the below 2 options:

   1. Eat nothing

   2. Drive-thru

Proper Conditioning - A Must For Hockey Players

One of the debatable topics among coaches of all ranks is, the determination of how to properly condition players for hockey. Most hockeys experts agree on developing strength, speed and power in young hockey players, when it comes to planning an off-season training program. But the only disagreement that they face is on the topic of how to best develop conditioning in players.

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