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    How to Successfully Hit a Draw

    A draw is a very easy shot to hit and to be able to hit it at will, will help you to become a better golfer and add a very important shot to your arsenal of strokes. Here is how to successfully hit a draw.

    Most golfers don't realise the great importance of the follow-through when swinging the golf club. You may argue that the rest of the swing is no longer important once the club has made contact with the ball. Today I am going to tell you how wrong you are.

    The most important part of teeing off on a par 4 or 5 is to ensure that the ball ends up in the fairway. If you can't do this consistently the you will often struggle to make par and will feel frustrated and angry. Here are a couple of pointers for your setup routine to improving your driving accuracy off the tee.

    There are some fundamental differences between the ways that professional golfers approach their putting strokes compared to amateurs. Here I have highlighted a couple of these differences to help you improve your putting.

    Correct Ball Position When Putting

    The putting stroke is one of the most important strokes if not the most important stroke when playing golf. So naturally if you want to improve your golf you need to improve your putting. One way to improve your putting is to place the ball in the correct position at address to ensure that you strike the ball at the optimum point with the sweet spot of the putter in the intended direction.

    Keeping Your Head Still When Putting

    As we all know, putting is very important when playing golf and the aim of all golfers is to hit as few putts as possible. Here is a simple tip that will drastically improve your putting. One of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make when putting is moving their heads during the putting stroke.

    Improve Your Golf Course Management

    One of the ways to drastically lower your score is to improve your golf course management. This basically means improving the way you approach and play each hole on the course.

    Where to Position the Golf Ball For Iron Play

    Ball position is one of the fundamental aspects of iron play. Placing the ball in the incorrect position can have severe consequences on the outcome of your shots and therefore this is a very important aspect of addressing the ball that you have to get right.

    Four Set-up Essentials For Chipping

    One of the fundamentals of a good short game is to have the correct set-up for your chip shots. The following four pointers will help you improve your set-up and consequently improve your chipping.

    One of the fundamentals of a good golf swing is for your body to be correctly balanced and aligned to your target and doing this properly is a skill that will definitely improve your golf by a few shots every round. There are various methods that are used by people around the world to line up accurately. Some people believe you should put a golf club down on the ground, making sure that it is pointing towards your target and then lining your feet up along the shaft before hitting the ball.

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