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Golf Retirement Communities

Golf has long been considered the perfect game for retirement. It combines the benefits of fresh air with just the amount of exercise that is necessary.

Golf Caddy-An Exciting Career Opportunity

When most of us think about a job in golf , the range of jobs we consider is limited to club golf professional, assistant golf professional, pro shop sales clerk, starter, ranger or work in the cart barn. Anyone, who has tried his/her hand at these will be forced to admit that these jobs require long hours at the golf course with minimal pay. Besides, they are banal and offer little scope for change.

Gaining those Precious Extra Yards in Golfing

Generating more length with the driver tops the list of all golfers. Since each golfer has a different playing style , not every method designed to gain distance is guaranteed to work. What may work for one player, may actually hamper another player's performance. One has to try new techniques, all the while hoping that a poor habit hasn't formed from the earlier one.

Golf Swing: How To Get It Right

Don't we all watch with amazement when pros seem to effortlessly hit the ball but it flies a mile away?This article tell you how to improve your golf swing and swing like the pros.

Golfing on a Budget In Florida

Florida offers some for the world's best golf courses. In fact Florida is acknowledged to be the Golf Capital of the World

However, since many of us have budget constraints, it's best to plan a golf vacation in advance.

Golf cart or trolley and golf bag can help golf players in gaining strength by the end of your golf round and improving the performance. Since, if you’re using an old traditional carry bag then it may create problems for your arms and shoulders to swing. To protect your arm for swing you can either use a push along golf trolley or an electric cart.

Three Best Locations for Golfing

Do you love to play golf or are you planning to take a golfing vacation? Before you make plan for your next golf holiday consider the following golf resorts. We have got together a list of best locations to visit especially for the golf enthusiasts.

Why Golfers favor Arizona?

The state of Arizona has long been considered as one of the best holiday destination for golf lovers. The beautiful desert state offers a golf course to fit every golfing enthusiast's needs. With the "Valley of the Sun" enjoying an average of over three hundred days of sunshine in a year, the weather is bound to be perfect for a golfing vacation.

Picture-perfect Lawns, with No Maintenance o

While you have prepared yourself for the warm Californian summer months and you do look forward to the bright sunshine, the thought of spending hours in the sun maintaining the yard, can alter the mood inspired by the onset of summer. Wondering how you can avoid this backbreaking chore? By opting for synthetic grass.

Advantages of Synthetic Tee Lines

For the golf enthusiast, what happens on the driving range is not less important than what happens once the round begins. Many golfers are frustrated by the feeling of practice mats and are left unsatisfied by the experience they afford. In order to offer the best to golfers, it makes sense to provide a realistic driving setting with custom tee lines. Made from the finest synthetic turf on the market, tee lines simulate feel of the tee box and provide a realistic setting in which to get into the groove.

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