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    Goalball – Conduct of the Game

    Length of the Game
    The game of Goalball is played for the duration of 20 minutes, and is divided into two halves of 10 minutes each. Atleast 5 minutes should be left between the end of a game and start of another game in Paralympics.

    Who All Can Play the Game of Goalball?

    All the boys and girls, men and women, who are blind or visually impaired can play the game of Goalball in the USA. When we talk about local community games between different teams within a state or mixed leagues, the goalball is even played there. They have separate teams of girls and boys, and men & women.

    Getting a Know-How of Goalball

    Goalball, a paralympic game is a highly competitive sport that is played 3-against-3, on an indoor gym floor by blind and visually impaired athletes.

    The Game of Goalball

    Goalball, a Paralympic sport for blind and visually impaired is a strategic and highly competitive 3-on-3 indoor game. In this game teams try to score goals by passing the ball to each other's goals, where defense tries to block it. Bells are kept inside the ball to enable players to get an approximate idea of its path and position.

    Goalball – An Interesting Paralympics Sport

    Goalball is a Paralympics sport for blind and visually impaired athletes. It is a strategic, competitive and 3-on-3 indoor game in which all teams try to score by rolling balls into other team’s goal, while the defence team tries to prevent the goal from happening. It is the bells kept inside the ball that enable players to play by approximating the path and position of the ball.

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