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Flying Discs

    Frisbee Golf- A Fun Sport

    Well, Frisbee Golf is considered as an excellent team building activity! Also it is a fun group activity, that can be played by everyone, irrespective of age. Frisbee golf popularly known as disc golf. It is game, which involves individual players throwing a flying disc into a basket or at a particular target. Does not it sound like traditional golf? Yes, it even involves much the same rules and terminology involved in golf.

    Disc Golf Rules

    Disc golf has evolved as a popular game worldwide over the past decade. The melding of golf and Frisbee makes disc golf very innovative and traditional. It can also be considered as a physically demanding game. There are certain established rules that set it apart from other sports.

    Tips To Throw a Flying Disc Forehand

    Want to learn how to throw frisbee or flying disc forehand? It is a very interesting sports where anyone can take part. It is very easy and fun! Here are a few tips as how throw a flying disc

    History of the Flying Disc

    Year Wise History:


    William Russel Frisbie moves to Bridgeport, CT to manage a new pie company. After buying it, he renamed it as the Frisbie Pie Company.

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