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It's All About Fencing Gear

So you are here because you want to have some kind of knowledge on fencing gears. Well the fact is that since the first time when the sport came into existence, it saw a lot of changes. The sport became became an Olympic sport in the year 1896, when the international competition added an event for the foil.

Sabre Fencing

When we talk about this immensely nice sport called fencing, then let me tell you that saber fencing is the most like the sword battle of yore. Sabers are equipped with a lot of weight and these are the biggest of all fencing equipment. One more fact that is related with this sport is that saber is truly a sword with a honed edge along the sides, but at the same time it is entirely different from any other epee and fencing foil.

What Makes Fencing A Perfect Sport For You?

If you want to experience full excitement as well as high intensity event, then you can go for a fencing match! In this match the warriors push each other up and down a fencing strip along with some kind of light flashing off their blades as they indulge themselves in the fencing events along with doing all kinds of events such as thrust, parry, attack and evade.

Fencing Is Perfect For Your Health

Fencing is a very famous sport of all times. And above all it is one of the oldest sports and one of 4 to be included in every modern Olympic Games. See, that is the popularity of this unique game. But do you know the fact that it is not just a sport but is immensely beneficial for your health as well.

Becoming an Expert Coach of Fencing

Fencing is a sport that involves two skilled contestants who use foils to strike at each other’s body. The clubs and teams at college level playing fencing require a coach to teach players the virtues of fencing. Before you start coaching athletes, it is essential for you to understand the sound techniques and history of the game. Here are some tips that will definitely make you a better coach:

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