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Steps to Bend a Horse

One of the common problems that most people face are about the aids for bending. Every horse owner should be able to bend his horse evenly from poll to tail not only on circles, corners, and school figures, but also, they need to bend to correctly their horse before moving on to the advanced exercises like shoulder-in, haunches-in, and half pass.

4 Basic Rules for Riding Instructors

The aim of riding instructors are not just to teach their students how to ride. But, they are also responsible for the lives of their learners. They have a profound influence on the students they teach. With time, some students develop good relationships with their riding instructors.

Difference between Punishment and Correction

Almost every horse owner at some point or the other gets angry on their horse; it’s common. The reasons vary from person to person, such as horse has been misbehaving or simply a bad day etc. In these situations you (horse owner) need to know the difference between punishment and correction.

Horse Training- Solid Jumping

Are you about to participate in a competitive show jump event or want to pursue combined training events? Then, you need to train your horse to jump solids.

Motocross schools and training facilities

What Makes a Bicycle Light and Fast

Tour de France is most well-known bicycle race, which has existed for over 100 years. The race covers more than 2200 miles in a 23 day course covering France and other neighboring countries. It is a test of endurance and skills of bikers as well as most technologically advanced racing cycles used by them.

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