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Drugs in Sports

    Drugs And Players

    If you are an athlete, then you must be aware of the extreme amount of pressure that one has to go through in this field. Right? And that is why it is said that the immense amount of pressure that a particular sport can exercise over a person can become overwhelming and take him or her to do something out of the ordinary so that the person can deal with this immensely high competitive world!

    The act of taking a banned substance to improve performance in sport is referred to as doping. The term dope originated from South Africa where it was used to describe a primitive alcoholic drink that was used as a stimulant at ceremonial dances.

    Drugs In Sports

    Drugs and sports should not go side by side but still a lot of players make sure that these two factors connect with each other! This should not be done! The fact is that a lot of sports players make use of drugs in order to increase their performance level.

    Please, Guys, Stop Using Synthol!

    Please, Guys, Stop Using Synthol!

    Blood Level

    Studies show that most weight trainer who are committed to heavy lifting will display better results if he's using Steroids. So, i want to bring your attention on the liver one of the important organs in our system which get affected by over dosage of steroid. The role of the liver is to maintain a proper hemoglobin level in our bodies and important element for overall body development. The MCH/MCHC (average corpuscular haemoglobin concentrations) describe exactly what red blood cells contain and their shape.

    Drugs and Sports

    The fact that sports is one of the most entertaining parts of a person's life, but have you ever realized as to what kind of pressure the sportsmen have to face while dealing with a particular game. Players who work in team, that is in a game like cricket or soccer might have less pressure because at the end of the day, ...

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