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    Sports for the wheel-chair bound

    A wheelchair doesn't mean you can't enjoy the thrill of competing in sports. More and more wheelchair users are turning to wheelchair sports - some even on a professional level. There are several wheelchair sports associations and gaming opportunities for wheelchair-bound people to educate yourself regarding playing the game safely and find out what options you have.

    Archery for the Physically Challenged

    Archery is a sport that is open to athletes even those who face physical limitations . While this sport is very physically demanding, it is one sport that disabled athletes can compete on an equal basis with able-bodied people. In fact wheelchair target archery has been a Paralympic sport for more than 30 years, and is still rising in popularity.

    Playing sports when you are Physically Challenged

    Everyone deserves to play sports, even those who are not so great at athletics and sports. There is something beneficial in sports for every person regardless of their limitations or capabilities. While many people assume that sports are only for the healthy, they are for everyone, even the disabled.

    Sports for the physically challenged

    There are many sports which have recently become adaptable for individuals who are confined to wheelchairs. Today, Individuals who are quadriplegic/ paraplegic can continue to participate in sports, win championships and even take home Olympic metals.

    Handicapping Sports and Sports Books

    Handicapping Sports and Sports Books

    Disability Not a Reason to Quit Sports

    Everybody has the right to play sports, even those who you think might not play a game because of their disability. Most of us assume the sports can only be played by healthy people, but they are for everyone. There is a need to introduce some modifications to the sport for disabled people, but you won’t find any reason why someone who is deaf, or one wheelchair or somebody with physical limitations should not be allowed to have fun.

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