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Bowl to Get a Strike or a Spare

It is essential for you to concentrate and relax during the bowling motions to get better bowling strikes and cleaning up spares. A strike is when you knock down all the 10 pins at the very first attempt. If you don't strike all, and knock down the remaining ones second time, it means a spare.

Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

If you are facing the problem of pain in back, arm, wrist, shoulder or any other part of the body after bowling, then this is the time you should look at your bowling bowl to get the cure.

Basic Information on Bowling and Alleys

Bowling is considered to be one of the age old games, which holds special place in the hearts of many. It is a good source of entertainment and a whole lot of fun. Singapore bowling alleys are believed to be the best in the world. Visitors from all over the world visit the place to enjoy and experience the game of bowling.

Bowling Slump Rules

Bowling is definitely one of the favorite age old sports, which holds special place in the hearts of many. These are some of the basic tips to help ease the pain of a mid season slump in bowling.

Interesting Facts about Bowling Pin

One of the nightmares that surround many bowlers is said to be bowling pins. The main aim of every bowling game is to take down all the bowling pin as quickly as possible. Therefore most bowlers don't spend much time in learning the game correctly. Here are some of the interesting facts about various bowling pin.

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