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A boomerang, that is also famous with the name of a throwing stick, is a wooden item that is generally decked with a shape of an open flat V or a cross. It can be available in other forms as well but in in a majority of the cases, it only the open V and the X formats that are famous all over the world.

Glossary Of Boomerang

Glossary related to material:
ABS A type of plastic for making boomerangs. Most commonly a milky-white color.

Boomerang Competition Records

All of the records that are written here are from official scores at formal competitions. Here are some of the records (at International level):

Common Errors Boomerang Throwers Make

I am going to tell you some of the errors as well as how to overcome them:
The most common of them all is throwing sidearm/across the body: This is the mistake everyone (especially if you are a beginner) makes.

Evolution of Boomerangs

Boomerangs are considered to be one of the first ever flying devices invented by human beings. The oldest aboriginal boomerangs are 10.000 years old, where they seem to have formed part of the stone age arsenal of weapons. Though, no one is sure on how the boomerang was first invented, but some of the modern boomerangs, which are still being used by the Australian Aborigines and some of the tribal people around the world.

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