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    Blowguns are Fun!

    While the origins of the blowgun cannot be pinned down accurately, we know that the blowgun was created to be used as a weapon against animals. These crude instruments were made from hollow bamboo or a hollowed-out long wood stick. Sharpened wooden splints were used as blowgun darts and over time these are treated with poison to kill the victim in a single shot.

    World's Most Popular Sports

    Following are some of the most popular sports throughout the world.

    •     Football – Whether you call football or soccer – it is definitely emperor of sports. With the largest fan following, the game is closely watched by many. The game is also one of the economical games to play, as you require only a ball and two strong legs. Therefore, the game can be played and enjoyed by both rich and old alike. Nearly 100 countries and 4.1 billion population follows football game passionately. At present, england is known as the financial center of football because it is the biggest investors of the game. Football world cup are some of the most awaited events in this sport.

    The London Hurling

    London Hurling got a massive boost in the year 2005, when London won the Inaugural Liam Rackard Trophy in the Tire 3 All- Ireland Championship. The team did it by defeating a determining Louth side by 5-8 to 1-5 in the final match. It was after the match that London team was promoted to Tier 2 hurling championship in the next year.

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