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Oh Yeah, West Coast Quad Bike Adventure

A wonderful experience of West Coast quad bike adventure, hope you will enjoy with it.

Tips To Deal With Blisters While Hiking

One of the most popular adventurous outdoor activity is Hiking. In this activity the person (hiker) is required to walk and trek on mountains. At times, while hiking blisters get formed against your socks or boots because of the friction that occurs when your skin rubs.


The term Running can also have a lot of meaning attached with it. The two basic forms are: Doing exercise by doing running, and the second can be to participate in the marathon as a running sport! Both of them are not at different from each other but it is just that they are performed at different moments and events. But the benefits are almost the same.

Running in the Cold? Here Are The Tips

Running in the winter is a very challenging task and this becomes even more challenging especially if you live in a cold, snowy climate. Don't you feel so? The fact is that we tend to give ample amount of care when it comes to our body, but sometimes we forget about our feet.

Running Tips For Beginners

I want to give some tips to all the beginner runners out there
My first tip is that you must always set yourself a target. It is due to the fact that a target is very important to your progress, otherwise you won't be able to set your goals and above all, you will give up too easily.

Classic Motorbikes

Classic Motorbikes

Boost Your Self Confidence With Downhill Biking

Boost Your Self Confidence With Downhill Biking

If you are an auto racing buff, there is some good news for you. You can now make money online through your passion for auto racing. You can do this by stepping into the realm of niche marketing, for the auto racing niche market.

Rules For Formula 1 car Race

The specialty about Formula 1 car race is that, the cars used in these races are very high performance and follow certain standards laid down by the FIA, (Federation Internationale Automobile). For, every team that participate in Formula 1 car race need to follow certain rules laid down by the FIA. The main reasons behind these rules are as follows:

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