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Rebeca Walsh

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Kung Fu- A Popular Form Of Chinese Martial Arts

Kung fu is one of the most popular forms of Chinese martial arts. The Chinese literature defines kung fu as the 'achievement through investment in time and energy and through great efforts'. According to kung fu practitioners, it is not only just the art of self-defense, but also a philosophy of life. Since it helps them keep the body as well as the mind in shape. The specialty of this art form is that it combines mind, body and spirit together, thereby making people  stronger mentally and physically as well!

Jujutsu Is All About Grappling Techniques

Jujutsu, also known as JuJitsu is a Japanese martial art form. It is a 2500 year old unarmed combat discipline, however the exact date of its development is hard to trace. Basically, jujutsu consists of grappling techniques. Although jujutsu is not a popular martial form, however famous judo is a direct form of jujutsu. Before the development of jujitsu, there were several other Japanese combat techniques, such as Kogusoku, yawara, kumiuchi, and hakuda etc, which were collectively known as Sengoku Jujutsu. Then came the modern Nihon Jujutsu, which is classified under Edo Jujutsu or the true unarmed Japanese combat system.

Basic Principles Of Kenpo

Kenpo is a Japanese martial art form, but its origin is associated with China. It still has been influenced by Chinese martial art systems. Kenpo is also spelled as “kempo”, which has been derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character “chuan” and “fa”. It means “the method of the fist/hand”.

Japanese Martial Art

Japanese martial art is regarded as unique as Chinese martial art. The martial art heritage and tradition of Japan is very rich. When we go into the details of the history of martial arts, we can see that there are several forms of martial arts that come from Japan. In ancient Japan, the warriors of Japan, or the samurai, used martial arts very often. The evidences of these systems can be found in its history. , but were allowed to use weapons due to their status in society.

A Little about the History of Paintball

The first actual game of paint-ball took place in 1981, between 12 players using the Nelspot 007. The first game was a capture the flag scenario game. The sport of paint-ball really spread in the 80s . It reached the shores of England from where is was taken to Australia and South Africa. Some years later it reached the European continent.

Proper Clothing for Martial Arts

Martial arts offer a great method of self defense. Learning martial arts helps a person focus his/her mental energy and channel it in order to defend himself/herself. Intense practice is very important to master any martial art. But in order to properly learn it, a person must get clothes appropriate for that particular style.

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