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Rebeca Walsh

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Positive Thinking and Visualization in Boxing

Visualization and positive thinking are two things, which most of the players don't apply during game. It has been seen that professional or amateur players suffer from the problems of lack of self-belief, concentration, inability to relax, competition nerves and negative thinking.

Bowling Slump Rules

Bowling is definitely one of the favorite age old sports, which holds special place in the hearts of many. These are some of the basic tips to help ease the pain of a mid season slump in bowling.

Exercise Steps in Tennis

These are some of the basic exercise steps that can help tennis players to build strength and energy to play the game.
Stretches and strength – Before you start with your exercise schedule try performing few stretching exercises for warm ups. First start with your triceps then quadriceps (thigh muscles) and finally, stretch calves and hamstrings.

Baseball Jerseys

Tell me, are you a baseball fan? Then I am sure that you surely have one of those collect baseball jerseys in your wardrobe. I am not saying that you should have all the jerseys but you must be having at least one of these in your closet.

Is Tennis a Mind Game?

I think, everyone would agree with me that tennis is a beautiful sport! To me, this sport requires the blend of the body and the brain, physical and mental. But, that is where I have missed the boat! I would engaged my most of the time on my chops, out on the practice court hitting serves or forehands off the wall and nausea.

Table Tennis Evolution

Table tennis is considered to be the smaller version of tennis, which follows almost the same basic rules as the later. If you are a sports enthusiast, who has spent most of your life in front of the television watching sports channels, its likely that you have come across couple of games of table tennis.

Standard Basketball Shoes

Studies reveal that most basketball players invest huge amount for the perfect pair of reliable basketball shoes. After all, the game is all about easy movements like jumping, running, shooting, blocking, and other side actions.

Must Have Airsoft Gears

Are you a die hard fan of Airsoft game? But, confused about buying essential Airsoft gear. Then look no further. Here's a quick guide to help you pick all the essential Airsoft gear you need.

How To Clean an Airsoft Gun

So do you have an obsession with airsoft game? Tell me, do you follow this sport with extreme passion? But I would like to ask you one more thing. How often do you clean your gun? What? You haven't done it for years? I know that it is a confusing task, but at the same time, it is a very important task to keep it clean as well.

Why Airsoft is Getting Popular?

Some of us are aware of this game called airsoft and some of us don't have any knowledge on this game at all. The fact is that this sport is that popular and one can not state this category under the mainstream sports, but it is still an optimal game choice.

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