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Mark s Eckenrode

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Ill Effects of Emotional Eating

Various studies show that eating habitats in a person often gets influenced by the way he/she feels. In situations like unemployment, health problems, or divorce can easily effect a person's appetite. Even the slight change in the daily routine can adversely affect our health. At times, when people get stressed out or emotional they looks towards food for comfort. It is believed that certain food like chocolate, ice cream and potato chips act as comforting our senses. But, over indulges in such fatty food items can harm our bodies. So, what does a person do, to control dependence upon emotional eating?

Tips on Sailing For the First Time

The experience to sail for the very first time definitely brings back fond memories. The vast blue sky and crystal clear sea combines to form a mesmerizing aura. If you are sailing for the first time then, you must keep the following point in mind:

History of the Flying Disc

Year Wise History:


William Russel Frisbie moves to Bridgeport, CT to manage a new pie company. After buying it, he renamed it as the Frisbie Pie Company.

Team Sports Equipment Bags

Sports teams are usually on frequent travel for their competitions and games. And it is very important for every team member to carry his/her certain belongings and equipment for every such trips. Here comes the importance of sports bags that offer an easy way to carry all these belongings.

Bowling is a Striking Sport

Bowling is a Striking Sport

How to Play High Stakes Pool

How to Play High Stakes Pool

Scoring more points is the ultimate aim of each and every basketball coach. Naturally this desire to score as many goals should be seen in the players as well. The fact is that both fast break and half court offense can lead to having a loads of points on the board.

Suits For Auto Racing

Suits For Auto Racing

Biking: A fun Way to Exercise

Shooting low golf scores is a great challenge and few people ever learn how to break 80 never mind breaking 70. Mental game strategies can go a long way towards helping you shoot really low scores, particularly if you already have good swing mechanics and a solid short game.

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