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Mark s Eckenrode

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Golf Caddy-An Exciting Career Opportunity

When most of us think about a job in golf , the range of jobs we consider is limited to club golf professional, assistant golf professional, pro shop sales clerk, starter, ranger or work in the cart barn. Anyone, who has tried his/her hand at these will be forced to admit that these jobs require long hours at the golf course with minimal pay. Besides, they are banal and offer little scope for change.

Enjoy Winter at the Cambridge Ice-Skating Rink

With the onset of winter, one looks forward to playing ice games, with family and friends. If you are a skating buff, we suggest you head for the Cambridge ice skating rink. You will see a large number of people enjoying ice-skating or ice hockey on any sunny day.

Tai Chi – Strong Mind & Body

Do you know what Tai Chi means? If the answer is No. then this article would help you understand not only what it stands for but also its various benefits. Tai Chi is mainly a physical exercise which involves slow free flowing movements that primarily focuses the mind, while conditioning the body. The exercise has originated from an ancient Chinese system that help reduce stress and stress-related debilities, and improve stamina, and overall strengths of the body.

Golf cart or trolley and golf bag can help golf players in gaining strength by the end of your golf round and improving the performance. Since, if you’re using an old traditional carry bag then it may create problems for your arms and shoulders to swing. To protect your arm for swing you can either use a push along golf trolley or an electric cart.

How to Build up Endurance for Soccer Game

The most tough part of hitting the soccer field is that you are not going to have an opportunity to rest when the game is on. You ought to be active at every second, helping your team members to move the ball as well as keeping it away from opponent team. Even the break you will be getting in between the game is so brief that you won't get to know it actually happened.

Moves and Tricks to Show Off at a Soccer Match

Most of us love to play soccer, but never get the opportunity to make it to the big field. But you can still show off your cool soccer tricks on any field. When you learn some new soccer tricks, it will help you in playing to the next level.

Know More About Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain biking means that the surface on which you will ride is rough and uneven. This type of biking is done off the road. Bikers use specially designed bikes for this purpose. The trails for mountain biking depends on the type of biking one plans to do. There are four different types of mountain biking these days and the trails depends on the safety requirements as well as skill levels of each type. The four types are : Cross country, free ride, downhill and street riding. You can do the biking anywhere if you have the required stamina, skills and dexterity.

Shark Diving For Adventure Seekers

Are you an Adventurous person? Then, you will simply love shark diving. Since 1990, the popularity of shark divining has increased tremendously. Remember shark diving is not an activity for weak hearted but for those who live their life on the edge.

Three Best Locations for Golfing

Do you love to play golf or are you planning to take a golfing vacation? Before you make plan for your next golf holiday consider the following golf resorts. We have got together a list of best locations to visit especially for the golf enthusiasts.

Advantages of Synthetic Tee Lines

For the golf enthusiast, what happens on the driving range is not less important than what happens once the round begins. Many golfers are frustrated by the feeling of practice mats and are left unsatisfied by the experience they afford. In order to offer the best to golfers, it makes sense to provide a realistic driving setting with custom tee lines. Made from the finest synthetic turf on the market, tee lines simulate feel of the tee box and provide a realistic setting in which to get into the groove.

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