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Mark s Eckenrode

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Tips for Becoming A Good Youth Coach

Youth coach are considered to be the backbone of a sports team. Many of us have experienced a good or a bad coach in our lives. Therefore, we understand the influence they have on performance, skill development of an activity. A bad coach is known to have an adverse effect not only on the performance of the athletes but also affect them mentally. Unlike, good coaches their main motive is to win at all costs. They do not allow less efficient players to join and turn the lives of players in to hell.

How to buy college Sports tickets

College sports tickets can be found on all leading sports related websites. Right from the time when children are in school, they are encouraged by their parents to play at least one sport or take up some form of extra curricular activity. This is so they get some extra exercise and cultivate a hobby apart from their reading books or listening to music.

Warm up the Cold Winter with Zipfy

Zipfy is a freestyle mini luge which is know to be inspired by the Olympic sport of luge. It is an easy to use with amazing looks. The sport would remind you of an oversized joystick especially with its steering. To play this sport all you need to do is sit on the racing sled, take the steering stick and down the hill you go.

Archery for the Physically Challenged

Archery is a sport that is open to athletes even those who face physical limitations . While this sport is very physically demanding, it is one sport that disabled athletes can compete on an equal basis with able-bodied people. In fact wheelchair target archery has been a Paralympic sport for more than 30 years, and is still rising in popularity.

In United States, baseball is one of the most popular games. So, you won’t be surprised to know that many college students are die hard fans of famous baseball players. Some of these famous players were once part of there college baseball team. Therefore, baseball recruiting focuses a lot on college baseball players.

Skipping Rope Every Day!

Why skip?
  • Skipping is an excellent form of exercise and something that everyone can do (no matter what the age is) in their spare time.

Badminton Principles

It does not matter whether you are playing at a professional level or may be for fun, the sport of badminton always demands a reasonable level of fitness that includes aerobic stamina and speed as well as good hand-eye coordination and polished racket skills.

Boxing: A Stress Reliever

Life is a complicated thing, and it would be a different story if we don't get hit by the stress involved in it. All the messy situations can ground you down, if you will allow them to. Therefore, have a positive thinking and believe that you can do anything.

What to Do Before a Bodybuilding Competition

If you are planning to participate in a bodybuilding competitions, always remember that competing in such a competition is all about greasing your body and flexing your muscles for the judges. However, there is more to these competitions than meets the eye.

Techniques to Play Better Tennis

There are certain areas, where some tennis players have mastery while others loose their points. We will discuss about some techniques that will help you in playing better game.

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