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Steve Nash

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Types of Punches in Boxing

Boxing is one of the most challenging sports in the world. Fighters need to be mentally prepared and physically strong to endure the entire bout. Knowing all the punching techniques is necessary if one is to box well. There are a variety of ways to throw a punch, such as - jabs, hooks, crosses etc.

How to Deal with Sprains and Cuts in Soccer Game?

Sprains and strains are the most common form of injury that happens to soccer players at ankles and knees. Such injuries occur when the joint is wrenched too abruptly in some unfamiliar direction and especially when the players falls on the field while running with high velocity.

Getting in Shape For Ice-Hockey

While the ice-hockey season has almost arrived, players can still work on their "first line fitness" to ensure they perform according to their expectations.

Increase Performance Hockey - With Recovery Drinks

If you are a hockey player and want to increase your recovery speed then start drinking any of the following drinks. Yes, you heard it right these drinks would not only help you feel best the next time you hit the ice but also speed up recovery.

Steps To Create A Good Basketball Plan

We all know that, hard work and continuous practice are the key towards success. So, if you want to prepare a good plan for practice of basketball be sure to spend more time on it. Only a well prepared plan will return good results. Hence, every basketball coach who want to improve their team must have a good practice sessions followed with good concepts.

Water Surfing - Before and Now

From the mid 18th century both surf boards and surfing is popular. In the earlier days, surfing was considered as a sport of royalty and lifestyle symbol. The sport was originated at the Polynesian Islands and then made its way to Hawaii in the mid 18th Century.

Cockfighting- The Cruel Game

Cockfighting has been prevalent in our society since the ancient time. This centuries-old blood sport comprises of fight between two or more gamecocks. Gamecocks are specially bred birds, who are placed in an enclosure to fight. The main goal of this cruel and inhuman game is to gamble and in turn get entertained.

Croquet- A Fun Game

Croquet is a fun game, which is played in different place but the best place to play this game is an open area with neatly cut grass. You can found this typical atmosphere to play Croquet in the backyard, or a park or school. The nine wickets and two stakes in the game can be easily placed at a flat surface and it is easy to see the ball when the grass is cut short.

Cristiano Ronaldo- The Great Footballer

Since his early years, Cristiano Ronaldo was inclined to football and started to show great talent in that aspect for football. This ultimately helped him introduce himself to professional football in Portugal. He joined the Clube Desportivo Nacional, and this is where he began his formation and development as a player.

Better Golfing Tips

All golf players have something common in them. They all agree that if you do not keep your balance in the whole swing, it is impossible to get a good stroke. We might consider that keeping your balance is very simple, but it really difficult to maintain good balance when your whole body is stiff and you are trying to hit the ball hard.

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