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Carl Hruza

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In the past few years, girl's basketball has become one of the most competitive games now. It is no longer considered just a recreational sport. Today, we have various associations like Women National Basketball Association (WNBA) in the United States responsible for governing the game.

Working The Transverse Abdominals

If you want to get indulged in a general workout, then being a body builder myself, I would like to give you certain tips on the issue. I would like to tell you this fact that a   group of muscles that often gets neglected in stomach exercise routines are the transverse abdominals. And here in this article, I would like to recommend that you should go for working the transverse abdominals to make the best out of your work out routines.

Golfing on a Budget In Florida

Florida offers some for the world's best golf courses. In fact Florida is acknowledged to be the Golf Capital of the World

However, since many of us have budget constraints, it's best to plan a golf vacation in advance.

Soft Walls – Benefits

During, the major auto racing events like NASCAR so much activities goes on, that many people tend to loose focus of the issues related to safety involved with auto racing. Though, there are 5 points attached with the auto racing cars and other heavy-duty safety belts included. But, still it seems that more safety measures needs to be added. The main reason behind is the fact that most racers can speed well over 200 miles per hour which makes them vulnerable to various health hazards. For instance, what would happen if a driver crashes into the wall of a NASCAR track? In situation like these, the use of Soft Walls becomes very important.

Your Own Basketball Court

If you want to become a professional basketball player, you need to practice a lot. To increase you chances, it is a good idea to build a basketball court in your backyard. This will give you the freedom to practice whenever you want.

Why Women More Prone To Sport's Injury?

In most games, it is quite normal to watch sportsmen getting injured. Some of the popular sport personalities who got injured while playing are Michael Owen, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Tiger Woods to name a few. But what about sportswomen are they not equally prone to injuries while playing? In a recent survey it was found that, sportswomen are eight times more likely to suffer injury like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) than men. The astonishing fact is considered as an epidemic. The results was highly published in leading newspaper dailies and television. The study also confirmed the fact that more than thousands of sportswomen undergo ACL operations each year. It is also believed that one out of ten women playing college sports will suffer an ACL injury.

Food For Thought - Hockey Game

If you have a big hockey game at 7 o'clock in the morning, and you haven't eaten anything yet. Then chances are that you would select any of the below 2 options:

   1. Eat nothing

   2. Drive-thru

Ways to Solve Golf Slice Dilemma

One of the common things that most golfers try to correct is a golf slice. It is considered to be one of the biggest problems that regular golf players face in the game. Most golf players tend to deduct lot of strokes from their scoreboard while correcting this problem.

Goju karate

Goju ryu karate, the name seems quiet strange, but is a very effective style of Okinawan karate that provides a perfect merge of both hard and soft Chinese martial arts styles. Let me tell you how: for all those people who know a little Japanese language, they must know that in Japanese language "Go" means hard; "ju" means soft and if we will collaborate both the words together it literally means hard-soft karate.

Tips For A Successful Marathon

Here are seven basic tips for a successful marathon:

1. Train at a variety of different paces

The fact is that for a successful marathon experience you should have a diet that should include a variety of different nutrients, and similarly your training needs to include a number of different types of workout

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