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Gerald P Njuguna

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Different Styles of Badminton Shots

One of the popular games among young professionals is the game of badminton. It is an easy to play and simple to understand. A few lessons is all that is required to catch up quick and start playing like a pro in just a few weeks. Following are the commonly used badminton shots:

What is Powerboat Racing?

Offshore powerboat racing is racing by large, ocean-going powerboats, typically point-to-point racing.
Probably the largest, most dangerous, and most powerful racing machines of all, the extreme expense of the boats and the fuel required to participate make it an expensive and elite sport.

The Magic of Swing in Cricketc

A swing bowler is an important asset in a cricket team, because his throw will baffle a batsman, add pressure and help in taking quick wickets. Swing bowlers have the ability to move the ball either towards or away from the batsman. Swing in the ball is created by holding it in a specific way, so that when the ball is released from hand the levels of air resistance combine with the position in which the seam is directed. This makes the ball swing in the air.

Online Football

We all know as to how popular this game called football is! Don't we. But only some of us get a chance to play it or watch it live in a stadium. Otherwise we have to satisfy ourselves with the live telecast of it on our TV sets only.

Beginnings of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way since fall of 1966, when removable Astroturf was installed in the Houston Astrodome. This was the first time that synthetic turf was used in professional sports.

Outdoor Kits: Preparing for the Great Outdoors

Do you and your family often head for the great outdoors? Do your kids like to hike, camp or just spend a day by the lake? If yes, then outdoor first aid kits are a must for you.

Essential Equipments for Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is no more limited to street but has grown as a full-fledged international game. The game is renowned for its unique appeal and rules that govern it. The field of kick boxing has never been limited or restricted to experiments. The game has been designed in such a manner to extend human faculties to the maximum and pose a challenge to the mind. The players in the sport are required to posses knowledge about martial arts kicks from the orient and the boxing style punches from the occident. Although, the boxing style used in kick boxing is quite similar to the standard boxing techniques. Just like other sports, even kickboxing includes special kick boxing equipment and gear that every player must have before they start learning the game.

Capoeira's the buzz!

For the uninitiated, capoeira is a martial arts form that originated in Brazil over 500 years ago. Capoeira ritualizes movement from martial arts, games, and dance.

Watch Football Live on PC

Football fans who lack a cable or satellite connection, have a reason to rejoice. Live football on PC is here. If you are stuck at work without a TV or are in the tube, you do not have to miss your favorite matches. You can easily catch up with live football on PC. In addition, you can get the latest news in the sporting world!

3 Main Components for Soccer Speed Training

Is soccer speed a part of your training program? It its not, then the time has come to give a try to this high energy and success method. Coaches agree with the statement that soccer speed training makes players faster and hence get more wins. But what does soccer speed training actually stands for?

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