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Gerald P Njuguna

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Baseball And Softball- Differences And Similarities

Can you point out what is the similarity between softball and baseball? Well, softball is directly descended from baseball, and which is why both share some similarities. However, there are also some important differences between the two. Softball is a nine-a-side game, which is played on a grass diamond, with a batter attempting to hit pitches and get onto base.

Choose the Best Pool Cue For Your Game

So you are linked with the game of pool? Tell you do want to become a professional and perfect pool player in the industry. Before thinking about any future plans about future, just think about what kind of cue do you use for your game? The most important aspect is to get the right cue for yourself.

When an Player Gets Injured

Injuries are an integral part of a game! Here in this article, we shall discuss what course of action you should take when a player from your side or from an opposing team gets injured. Of course he is an opponent but after all he is a human being. Here are a few tips that we should keep in mind if any such situation stands in front of us

Problems With NASCAR

There are three main problems in NASCAR today:
  1. Sponsorship has taken over the sport. I mean that probably the sponsors are not happy.
  2. The sport is too expensive
  3. The sport isn't as exciting or is now that much exciting as it used to be once.

Horse Training- Solid Jumping

Are you about to participate in a competitive show jump event or want to pursue combined training events? Then, you need to train your horse to jump solids.

What is Tobogganing?

The term Tobogganing, also commonly known as bobsledding refers to the racing machines that speed at breakneck speed down a high-banked icy bobsled run. Every member of the team pushing with all their might to get it started. The event was started long back even before the invention of computers, cell phones, space shuttles and battery watches.

Effect of Arrow on Bow's Strength

The two main elements that most bow manufacturers focus on is the power and speed of the arrow. Although, at times, some of them fail to notice the kind of arrows that most users would demand. Besides, the type of arrow even the accuracy of the shoot should also be considered while manufacturing bows.

The Basics Of Airsoft Guns

If you love the idea of having airguns with you, the before that you must have a fair knowledge as to what these airguns are all about and what is the basic knowledge that is linked with them. The first thing that you all must know is that these airsoft guns are manufactured in three different, distinct styles:

Tennis Court Types

In the past few years, tennis has gained lot of popularity. Today, it is a favorite sport for young and old. One of the important elements in tennis is the court where it is played. Although, the dimension of the courses of tennis are standard, but change according to the external material.

Badminton for Teenagers and Kids

Badminton is not only a sport but serves plenty of benefits for people of all groups. That is why it becomes that along with other sports, you must plant the habit of playing badminton in your kids, of not at a regular level. And the fact is that teaching tips should ideally be given to children in their starting years of playing itself.

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