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Gerald P Njuguna

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A Brief Introduction on Surfing

Have you ever tried surfing, and simply loved it? Then, you'll also enjoy surfing for two-three hours at a stretch. Although, for a novice surfer to surf for so long time will take a lot of time to learn surfing, but under the guidance of an expert surf instructor, he will be able to develop really cool surfing skills.

The Barcelona Football Stadium

The Barcelona football stadium is the 3rd largest football stadium if we look at the list of largest stadiums all over the world! The other two largest stadiums are the ones that are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City. Barcelona camp nou is geared up with a capacity for110,000 soccer fanatics. Isn't it amazing?

What is Underdog Kickball All About?

Underdog kickball is a game that brings fresh new twist to the adult recreational sports. This is one game that closes the age and gender gap a little bit. The great playground pastime is now back for adults of 21 to older people of 61, who play in same division.

Sports Vacation

If you want a vacation with a difference this year, turn to the world of sports. Consider traveling to see a live sport event such as Super bowl XLII, NASCAR, or MLB All Star Game. Sports travel packages offers a unique way to enjoy your vaction and attend a life time sporting event.

Learning the History of Luge

In the 8th century, the Vikings first bombed down a hill on their heavy wooden sleds screaming the viking curses. It was during 1883 when the first recorded formal competition called “Luge” was organized in America. The game has undergone major improvement, with high tech runners and aerodynamically slick suits allowing competitors to play at a speed of almost 75 miles per hour.

The origins of Lacrosse

To examine the history of lacrosse, one needs to start with America. The sport's origins can be traced to the Native American Indians, from whom it was adopted by the French and other European followers. These followers migrated north to Canada, where they helped sportthe grow. Today the sport enjoys popularity all over United States and throughout Europe.

How Does Croquet Help as a Courting Activity?

During the British empire in the eighteenth century, many youth used croquet as a means of courting. The activity provided an opportunity for young men and ladies to spend time together out on the playing field. You may be surprised to know that even today it is a good dating activity.

Many sports expert consider collectible college sports as one of the important things that help are the items that are on sale which help promote a college team and help them reach heights. It has been seen that many less known college sports that are played in America, would go unnoticed if not for these collectible college sports.

Interesting Skydiving Facts

It is believed that the activity of skydiving was created out of a necessity. This transition was basically due to the fact that both skydiving and parachuting was considered as a tactical move by many countries during World War I. The main role of parachute was, and still is, to save the lives of passengers in case of a plane crash. In 1797, the first recorded instance of the successful parachute landing was made by Andre Jacques Farnerin, who courageously jumped out of a hot-air balloon and landed safely.

Family Games

In this hustle and bustle of life, we seldom get time to spend time with our loved ones. That is why I would like to tell you some of the family games that you can play with your family. Here is a list and their short description!

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