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Jim De Fazio

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Why Golfers favor Arizona?

The state of Arizona has long been considered as one of the best holiday destination for golf lovers. The beautiful desert state offers a golf course to fit every golfing enthusiast's needs. With the "Valley of the Sun" enjoying an average of over three hundred days of sunshine in a year, the weather is bound to be perfect for a golfing vacation.

Worst Lie In the Game of Golf

There are many myth busters, which are believed by golfers. Some of these include:


  •     If your golf swing is perfect, your game will be perfect.
  •     One can always buy a better game.
  •     Golfer’s scores are lowered due to technology.


Sandboarding- Play in Sand

One of the new sport for adventure seekers is sandboarding. This sport drive sandboarders to search and ride the perfect sand dunes. One of the best place to enjoy sandboarding is in the Northwest United States. The place consists of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which attracts many adventurers  from across the world.

Greyhound Racing- Basic Know-How

In the Egyptian time, most greyhounds were mummified and buried along with their masters. The main reason behind this is the fact that most Egyptians believed greyhounds as the supreme among all animals. You'll also find their relevance in the literary works by popular scholars and poets like  Shakespeare, Chaucer and Homer.

Genuineness of a Horse Racing Tipster

How can you be sure that a person is a genuine horse racing tipster or not? Well, I completely agree that to decide whether a horse racing tipster is genuine is very difficult. For starters, try browsing the tipster's website as it would give you a brief idea about tipster's history and genuineness.

Show Jumping

Show jumping, that is also known as stadium jumping, is an equestrian sport that is geared up with a lot of factors like navigating a course of jumps set up inside a ring, a stadium designed for equestrian events. Above all it also exists as a standalone discipline and in addition to that the sport is can also be a integral part of a lot of combination competitions, such as the modern pentathlon and eventing.

Online Golf Lessons Cover all the Facets of Game

Online golf lessons are a good way to get some golf playing tips. New learners can learn how to play the game by online lessons and experienced players can improve their game techniques too.

How to Practice Knife Fighting in a Martial Arts Class

How to Practice Knife Fighting in a Martial Arts Class

Achieving Success in Elections and Boxing

Achieving Success in Elections and Boxing

Basketball Free-Throws- How to Shoot 90% Plus From the Free-Throw Line

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