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Jim De Fazio

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4 of the Most Common Weaknesses in Your Tennis Opponent

Why Slot Machines Will Always Be Players Favorite Gamble

Gymnastics Equipment Guide

Gymnastics Equipment Guide

Backyard Bucks and Waterholes

Backyard Bucks and Waterholes

Australian Open Starts in Few Weeks

Australian Open Starts in Few Weeks

Amazing Forms of Billiards

Do you know the basic difference between billiard, snooker or pool? Have you ever played any of them? If so, then you’ve been influenced by the game.

Training For Boxing

Many people mistakenly believe that weight training should not be practised by boxers as they tend to lose their mobility. Studies have established beyond doubt that a properly designed weight program can increase the range of motion as well as speed and power. Weight training, it has been shown, contributes significantly towards building muscular endurance and strength, hence a good weight training routine, is a must if you want to be a competent boxer.

Simple Soccer Drills With Cones

We always find it a great fun to watch players like Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing on ground. It seems that the soccer ball is just attached to their foot. All these players have become the best only by practicing fundamentals. There are so many drills and exercises that can make your foot skills better.

Cycling for Losing Weight

Running, cycling and swimming are the three most efficient aerobic exercises. When it comes to remain fit and lose weight, nothing can beat cycling and weightlifting. Whereas, cycling is an aerobic exercise, weightlifting is used to build muscle. We all know that bigger muscles burn more energy, even when the person is resting. Therefore, combination of cycling and weightlifting will make your body return to its natural form.

Enjoy Riding in Big Sur

There are many people who prefer to move to Big Sur, whenever they go on bicycling trips, especially when they are riding on mountains. This is an attractive area because you get to see beautiful landscapes and the route is more popular for hiking and biking.

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