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Jim De Fazio

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Cornhole: A Replacement for Horseshoes?

There are many people who love to play Cornhole and are totally addicted to it. It is an outdoor game, which can be played by people of all ages.

Equipment for Lumberjack Water Sports

You need to have the right equipment, if you want to be a log roller. Everything from logs, spikes, shoes or any other equipment will help you out in the Lumberjack Water Sports.

Advantages of Camp

One of the main worries that most parents face during the sumer holidays is what to do with the kids? They get confuse as to whether to allow their kids hang out with their old friends or enroll them in a camp to make new friends. Summer camps are one of the most preferred options for many parents because they are known to build skills necessary to prepare for adulthood.

A Statistical Approach to Sports Betting

Are you a superb gambler? Do you often take gambling as an art form or a method of making a living? If yes, then you should have a strong understanding of sports betting. If you want to win more, then understanding how sports betting works and how one win or lose is really important.

What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is considered to be one of the long settled executive summer sports in Canada. Slowly, the sport is gaining popularity in the United States. It has already been accepted at many east coast schools, and gradually spreading across the homeland. In almost 20 countries around the world, Lacrosse has been played.

Playing Lacrosse in College

A lacrosse sports scholarship can make getting into a good college easier. While it takes a lot of work to get a scholarship, but it is possible to do if you stay organized and focused. You can participate in lacrosse recruiting tournaments and lacrosse recruiting camps in order to be seen by college recruiting scouts, as well as take other steps to make a great impression on them.

Croquet to Impress Your Date

I'm sure most of you are surprised with the title. But, it is true that croquet can be used as a way to impress your date and to have a good time. So, if you have a romantic date coming up, then get a croquet set and teach them to play. It is actually believed to be a game that cultured people play.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine are the ones that come under the category of that field of medicine that is related with injuries that are experienced during athletic endeavors and illnesses, or in some cases, those injuries that have emerged out of various sporting performances or the events that are related with sports!

Croke Park

Croke Park, a stadium located in Ireland, which is considered as one of the finest stadiums in Europe. It has a capacity of 82,500, and is the fourth largest stadium in Europe, as well as the largest stadium under the ownership of a amateur sporting organization in the world.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing training is a perfect way to exercise, maintain your boxing skills, improve your fitness level and at the same time socialize with other players as well. The main thing is that you must have the right kind of equipment for yourself. One of the most essential of them all are the boxing gloves ofcourse!

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