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Ramo Ghosh

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How To Prepare for a triathlon

A triathlon swim requires considerable patience, time, effort and zeal to prepare for it. Since completing the swim poses a tough challenge, so the decision to compete should not be taken lightly.

What Factors Coaches Look for In Soccer Players?

One of the problem soccer players face is realizing how their coaches assess their talent and potential. It is your performance in the game that becomes a meter to trait your ability. Soccer is a game that needs infinite technical, physical, mental and tactical variety.

Youth Soccer Drills and Kikball

Family fitness activities have emerged as a great way to remain healthy together. Playing as a family not only allows you to connect and spend time together after a hectic schedule, but it also prevent obesity, improve the health of your heart and put many good habits in place for your lifetime.

Interesting Things About Soccer Fields

As soccer is one of the most popular team ball game, one might think that all the rules of the game would have been devised from the beginning or some of the rules would have been universally accepted since start. However, the statement is partially true when we talk about terms like foul, goal kick etc, as these terms means same everywhere. But when we talk about length and size of soccer field, some interesting details are worth mentioning.

Fighting in Hockey: Is it Necessary?

While many people do not find fighting during hockey justifiable, I feel that such people don't understand the importance of fighting in hockey. If you take out the fights, you open up the game for more illegal fouls and checks from behind.

Tips for Safe Cycling in City Traffic

So, you love bicycling and want to make it your daily routine. Here are some tips that you should consider while riding in city traffic.

Tips on Bicycle Riding for Lower Limb Amputees

Cycling is an alternative form of exercise for lower limb amputees because it involves the use of all lower limbs despite of residual limb length. There are few considerations to keep in mind whether you are riding a lightweight road bike or mountain bike.

Five Big Mistakes Made by Fast Guys

Here are some of the big mistakes that most guys constantly make while working out.

The Origin of Table Tennis

For many years, the sport of table tennis has been encouraging lot of fresh blood in the field, creating Olympic champions, as well as inspiring eager spectators of the game. However, not many people are aware of the history of the how the sport originated, developed, and became where it stands today. Here is a brief history behind the famous sport of table Tennis.

What To Look For in a Go Kart Frame

Karting enthusiasts know what a perfect chassis should be made of-lightweight, yet durable material capable of launching a kart forward without showing signs of wear or tear.

The chassis is by far the most important piece of this machine. The construction is paramount in maintaining a solid go-kart. What constitutes a frame? In the case of these speedsters, the frame is welded together by torsion bars. Stiff frames are a result of shorter bars crossed together, and more flexible frames are associated with longer bars.

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