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Ramo Ghosh

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Know About Biathlon

Winters are coming, why not go for a perfect winter sport? One of my personal favorites is Biathlon! It is basically a term that is used to describe any sporting event made up of two disciplines. I mean usually a sport that refers to "the joining of two contests." The most common combination is the one that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. And as far as the summer biathlon is concerned, it combines cross-country running with riflery. But here in this article, we are more concerned about winter sports.

Airsoft Rifles

So you have a die hard passion for airsoft rifles1 Of course, that is why you have come across this page... The fact is that with the advancement in technology Airsoft rifles come in all sizes, although they generally retain a basic shape. Of course, how can be the shape of a rifle be different. Then the definition of a rifle will all together change... There are low-end and high-end airsoft rifles, and even the cheaper varieties, but at the same time even these cheaper form of rifles are geared up with a lot of advantages.

Golf Swing: How To Get It Right

Don't we all watch with amazement when pros seem to effortlessly hit the ball but it flies a mile away?This article tell you how to improve your golf swing and swing like the pros.

Aikido – The Martial Art

To improve the overall physical and mental rewards an be achieved through Aikido. Many people dislike unnecessary fights and quarrels but in certain situations confrontation is simply unavoidable. Hence, Aikido teaches its students not only to avoid confrontation, but also teaches them various techniques to properly defend themselves if the situations becomes unavoidable. The techniques taught in Aikido offers individuals an opportunity to learn controlled physical techniques to protect them while in danger. Aikido is a form of martial arts which ensure overall safety of an individual while reducing the extent of damage inflicted upon their adversaries. Over the years, Martial arts has gained lot of popularity throughout the world. Many people learn these techniques for reasons other than physical confrontations.

Volleyball - Ways To Be Mentally Stronger

Following are some of the simple ways to be more mentally tougher than your competition in the game of volleyball:

Essential Accessories for your Bike

With bikes gaining more appeal, people are turning to use more and more things to make their bike look more trendy. Some attach a trailer to carry children or some stuff, while some prefer to carry a nice water bottle in it.

Choosing Right Helmet for Biking

When you are considering mountain biking, there are several issues related to it that needs to be dealt with. Beyond choosing the type of bike, wheels and tyres, mountain bikers have to put some serious thoughts into clothing and type of helmets to purchase.

Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

One of the popular games to be played around the world is the Table tennis. During its fascinating history the game has underwent lot of changes & evolution. Here’s a list of all the important events that has happened in the world of table tennis.

Strength Training Exercises for Softball Players

Softball is by far the most popular in the United States, but its popularity is on the rise in Japan, China, and Australia. Consequently, the demand for skilled and competitive players in the sport has never been higher. While softball may have gained in popularity over the recent years, the basic techniques for playing the game remain the same.

Many of us are still wrestling with the difference between a game of snooker and that of 8-ball billiards. This article aims to clear this confusion between the two.

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