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Ramo Ghosh

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Paintball Gear

Here are some of the paintball gears for you:
Hoppers – Here we are not talking about the real guns, but still, if you are confirmed with this term called magazine (that are used in the case of real guns) then in the case of paintball, they are called the hoppers.


Winter Games have got immensely popular. With the increase in their popularity, the events that are held in favor of winter games have also seen a high! Let me give you an example of The Vancouver 2010 Olympics. If you are a die-hard fan of winter sports, then this event is surely for you.

Best Skiboarding Location For You

If you are interested in skiboarding, then here is the good news for you. The sport involves minimum amount of training as compared to other winter sports. At the same time, you can feel happy on knowing the fact that the choices for skiboarding locations is much wider for the beginner as well as for a professional person as well.

Teleboarding-A New Winter Sport!

Teleboarding is the new name in the category of Winter sports. That is why not many people know about this. Here, in this article, I would like to give you some of the important details about this sport so that you can know a better about it. After all, awareness is a must!


Skijoring is a sport that involves a dog, or dogs who assist a person on skis. Sometime, the person also pushed by a horse or a motor vehicle as well, but in majority of cases, only dogs are used. From one to three dogs are commonly used. The fact is that a skier is responsible for providing power with skis and poles, and the dog adds additional power by pulling it with his speed on snow.

Curling-A Perfect Activity For Winters

Curling, is an Olympic medal sport, but still I feel that not many are aware about this sport. Don't know who to blame for this, but it is true that this famous sport is still under some darkness and not much people know about it, To simply put all the facts together, it is believed that  it is a sport that is played on ice where players slide granite rocks down the playing field. And later when the  rocks travel, they have will often curve, or ‘curl,’ during play. So from here the sport got its name:Curling!

Snowshoeing As A Recreational Activity

Snowshoeing is a winter sport that is also termed as a fun filled recreational activity by a lot of people. The fact is that the sport has manged to maintain its immense popularity since its inception. May be it is all about the fact that the game is one of the most popular and easiest ways  to get around in snowbound areas during the winter. And at the same time, one gets plenty of time to spend with the loved ones. Isn't it?

Sledding Is Fun

Sledding, a winter sport, is one of the most popular sports that is enjoyed by children of all age groups. Even adults are not left behind. A lot of them enjoy it with their loved ones in winters. I am one of them. I wait for this chilly season through out the year so that I can enjoy the sport with my boyfriend! The fact is that there are various ways you can go sledding that you can make do with just about anything.

Snowboarding For Your Kids

Do you think that your kids are every time busy watching TV, or playing video games and other such things. Give them a break from all these monotonous time pass activities. But how will you deviate their attention from their favorite time pass activities, especially from that new playstation that has just now made an entry to your home?

I Love Skiing!

Skiing is one of my favorite winter sport. A brief history is attached with this sport. Don't worry, in this segment I am not going to write a boring article, the history is rather extremely interesting. Here goes the story. The fact is that the sport was preceded by snowshoeing, as it is believed by a lot of people.

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