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Simon Harris

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Basic Steps to Throw the Discus

According to Mac Wilkins, Gold Medal Discus, these are the basic principles that govern the throw of Discus
It involves no hit.

Sports and Youth Leadership

Leadership is defined as a process of providing direction, energizing others and getting their voluntary commitment towards the vision of the leader. Goals and visions are set by a leader, who influences others for sharing that vision and working together to achieve the goal.

History of Water Sports Lumberjack

Lumberjack is a water sports, which is a popular sports amongst many. Here are some points that completely describe from where the sports came from”

What is a Burnout?

One of the main treats that most young athletes face is burnout. With increasing competition, more young athletes are compelled to train extensively, which leads to physical and mental burnout become more imminent. Such situation gradually leads to long-term consequences among young athletes.

What is Takes to Be a Good Athlete?

Being an athlete is definitely not an easy task. While aspiring to become a good athlete you are going to be encouraged, discouraged, pushed, complimented, and pushed to your physical and mental limits. Often, players participate in a sports events for wrong reasons, which leads to poor performance and complacent attitude.

Airline Restrictions on Sports Equipment

If you are a true blue sports fan then you may be trying to work sports into your next vacation. If you are planning on enjoying a game of basketball or football, it is more than likely that you might want to bring along some stuff with you. Did you ever know that there are restrictions to what you can bring, especially since 9/11?

The act of taking a banned substance to improve performance in sport is referred to as doping. The term dope originated from South Africa where it was used to describe a primitive alcoholic drink that was used as a stimulant at ceremonial dances.

From the early 20th century, it is believed that the game of basketball is one of the most loved sports for many. In countries like Unites States, college basketball are known to have a huge fan following. With the immense popularity of NBA and its superstars, many college students are trying their best to get themselves noticed in their college basketball, to finally be able to play in the NBA.

Sports Travel Vacation

Tell me are you guys planning to try something really different on your next vacation? Are you planning to even involve your loved ones in it? Then why not try a sporting adventure vacation? I know that you must be thinking that is a lot of risk factor that is involved in it, but if you will take necessary precautions then it will turn out be one of the most memorable events of your lifetime.

Exercise For All Those Who Hate This Word

For all those people who think that exercise is extremely tedious as well as boring, are somewhat right but to an extent. But at the same time, we all know that exercise is important as well. But although we know this fact, we (infact most of us) don't give much importance to a regular exercise schedule.

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