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James W Kelly

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Youth Sports League- Children & Soccer

Sports league have always been a favorite among young sports fans. Youth Sports leagues are present for all skill levels, from local sports leagues to all-stars sports leagues, but they exist for one purpose, and that is to compete.

Essential Squash Equipment- The Racket

Have you just started to play the game of squash? Then, you will require a few things to play the game. Some of the basic squash equipment are ball, gloves, protective goggles, right shoes and more. However, one of the basic equipment used in the game is the squash racket.

Introduction on Single Squash

Single Squash is played between two players. The game requires a racket, a ball and a court to play. In this game, only the server earns points. On winning a rally the server is awarded by a point whereas the receiver on winning a rally act as the server.

Tips To Deal With Blisters While Hiking

One of the most popular adventurous outdoor activity is Hiking. In this activity the person (hiker) is required to walk and trek on mountains. At times, while hiking blisters get formed against your socks or boots because of the friction that occurs when your skin rubs.

What Makes us Watch Sport Competitions?

Have you ever thought why do we like to watch sport competitions? There are people who don't play any game, but you will often find them watching tennis, football or cricket on TV. Sports fans are all around the world, who just watch every game of their favorite team with excitement, and don't miss a single competition.

Boom Running

Boom running is a sport where competitor runs across the string of logs attached end to end in water. The main objective of the game is to run across the log booms, around the obstacle and come back faster then the opponent.

How to Find the Right Sport For Your Kids?

Children can be aggressive, nervous or passive. Therefore, you must pick a sport that best suit his/her personality. Ask any expert about the sport activity and they will explain to you the importance of sports in the development of the physical and psychological aspects of the child.

How to go about Buying Sports Tickets

When buying sports tickets, a lot depends on how well the team is playing, the match up for the game and what part of the season it is. Getting tickets to the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees in game seven fighting it out for the division title and a spot in the World Series, can be quite a difficult task.

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Luge & Bobsledding

The luge and bobsledding winter sports share a lot of common thing. Apart from being featured prominently in the winter Olympics, they have many other similar features like:

Difference Between Indoor and Box Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse, which also called as boxla or boxcrosse is an indoor version of the game “outdoor field lacrosse. But, the major difference between both games is like night and day.

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