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Jennifer McVey

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Skateboard- Its Parts

Before you start skateboarding as a career or even as a recreational activity, it is very important to learn about different parts of a skateboard. This is as important as learning how to ride a skateboard! Moreover, when you know about each part, you will be able to take better care of your skateboard.

Know The Fundamentals of Skateboarding

Are you an aspiring skateboarder? I know you enjoy skateboarding very much and even know a few of the tricks, stunts and maneuvers involve in the sport. Skateboarding definitely is fun and one of the best ways to stay in shape. But, the little tricks and stunts that you have seen employed by your favourite skateboard players is not just enough for you to become a professional skateboarder.

WWE History

I really love WWE a lot! It gives me immense amount of pleasure when I watch it with my family and friends. Do you also love WWE in the same way as I do? But are you guys aware of the fact as to when did it all began? Well let me tell you that it all started way back in the year 1925!

Jamaican Bobsledders: The True Bobsledder Athletes

The first Jamaican bobsled team who participated in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, are considered to be the symbol of the Olympic spirit. Even a movie has been released on them. The name of the movie was “Cool Running” and was loosely based on the four Jamaican bobsledders.

What Goes in the Mind of a Runner?

You might be anxious to know exactly what goes in the mind of a runner, just before the starting line of a road race. This article also throw some light on the runner's thoughts during the actual race then onto the finish line. Finally, his thoughts processes after the race gets over.

The Phoenix International Raceway and NASCAR

Variety of NASCAR and IRL events are hosted throughout the year at the Phoenix International Raceway, which was opened in 1988. The checkers auto part course is 312 miles long, that is equal to 312 laps. The race held on the course last year had an average speed of 103MPH.

How to Choose Pool Cue?

There are many factors, which will make you best pool player. Getting a right cue is one of them. When you are planning to buy a new pool cue, consider these few things

Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

If you are facing the problem of pain in back, arm, wrist, shoulder or any other part of the body after bowling, then this is the time you should look at your bowling bowl to get the cure.

Steps to Turn Shooting Skills into Points

Spending long hours in the gym practicing your shot doesn't guarantee scoring points on the final day. You might receive a few breakout games but you'll have to struggle hard to turn into an efficient player. It is one of the common phases even for the best players and shooters.

How To Control Conflict in a Cheerleading Squad?

Cheerleading has become an integral part of most sports events. There popularity have grown in many folds over the years. Cheerleading means a group of girls who are known to lead the crowd and make the ambiance more cheerful and happy.

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